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Workplace Mediation

A respectful and positive way to deal with a range of disputes that happen in the workplace.…

Support, Group Courses
Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

Our post-separation co-operative parenting program supports families to deal with the stress of…

CALD Support

We provide free telephone/video support service aided with interpreters (if needed) to…

Counselling, Support
Redress Scheme Support Service

We provide free support for people considering an application to the National Redress Scheme. We…

Counselling, Support
Forced Adoption Support Service

Between the 1940s and 1970s in Australia, babies and children were taken away from their mothers…

Individual Counselling

Speak with a local counsellor to help reduce the problems and stress you have in your life. Our…

Whatever you're going through, we can help

We aim to provide a welcoming and accessible service to everyone in the community, regardless of their religion, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation and physical or mental ability.

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