Relationship counselling is a safe place to explore any issues that you or your partner may be struggling with.


Before your counselling session

Prior to your initial counselling session, you will be taken through a short phone consultation. During this call, you’ll talk about:

  • why you want to attend counselling,
  • concerns you have about counselling,
  • safety and violence in the relationship,
  • who your counsellor will be.


How long are counselling sessions?

Generally, each person will have an individual session with a counsellor before attending a session together. Sessions will usually be one hour in duration and can be via phone, video call, or in person. 


In the Session

You're encouraged to discuss your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced counsellors will ask questions to understand you and your relationship. This helps you gain clarity around your situation and identify the factors contributing to your issues.  Counsellors will offer advice and techniques to improve communication and explore different possibilities and solutions.

Counsellors don’t take sides or make judgements about who is “right” or “wrong”. They don’t tell couples what to do or try to persuade them to stay together or to separate. They’re just there to help you understand each other better and choose the right outcome yourselves.

Relationship counsellors help you be honest with yourself and your partner. You’re each encouraged to explore your issues and problems in a safe and respectful environment. Many couples find they feel more comfortable opening up to their partner in a counselling session than they would at home.


You can learn more about our relationship counselling options and how to book an appointment here.



Counselling is confidential. This means that everything you discuss with the counsellor is private. A counsellor may have to report something that threatens your safety or the safety of others.

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