Mediation helps people overcome disputes and differences. It's a process that aims to come to an acceptable agreement for everyone involved. Our trained mediators ensure everyone has a voice in the process.

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Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

Our post-separation co-operative parenting program supports families to deal with the stress of separation. It helps parents to focus on the needs of their children and can assist in reducing the impact of separation on children.

Through this program parents are able to access the following services:

  • Parenting education seminars and workshops;
  • Counselling services; and
  • New Ways coaching for parents accessing our Family Dispute Resolution Services

These services are designed to assist separated parents to build a stronger parenting relationship and can help parents to:

  • adapt positive ways of parenting and to communicate more effectively with their ex-partners.
  • prepare for family dispute resolution; and
  • develop strategies to achieve effective child-focused parenting arrangements.


Aboriginal Building Connections (ABC) - Education Program

A culturally appropriate parenting education program. Our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Advisors run the 3-hour group program.

The group environment lets participants have the opportunity to share experiences with others. It supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents (and extended family members) to gain an understanding of the importance of ending the conflict in their relationships.  This program opens discussions with participants around ways to allow children to grow up safe, healthy, happy and strong.


This program covers the following topics:

  • The importance of looking after yourself in healthy ways
  • The wider impact of family breakdown
  • Ways to communicate with family
  • Setting goals for healthy parenting for a better future.


Family Dispute Resolution, also known as family mediation, helps separated or divorced couples to
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