Experiences of multicultural people with disability in Australia

The Royal Commission is trying to have a better understanding of the experiences of particular groups within culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This includes:

  • refugees,

  • people with disability on temporary visas, and

  • people with disability in immigration detention or community detention.

They also want to know more about culturally and linguistically diverse women and children and young people with disability.


The Royal Commission is looking for feedback about the following areas:

  • how culture and language affect the life of someone with a disability

  • how people with a disability overcome language barriers when trying to access support

  • how individuals with a disability interact with their communities.

  • They want to understand the reasons that people may not identify as having a disability even though they have an impairment.

  • We want to know how the different ways disability is understood in different cultural communities. How do these communities support and include people with disability, or how they might exclude or disadvantage them.


Responses can be in writing, an audio recording or a video recording. Responses can be in any language. The Royal Commission will translate the response to English.

All responses will inform the work of the Royal Commission.


Relationships Australia NT provides free counselling and support for people impacted by the Royal Commission, including people with a disability, their families, carers or support workers.

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