This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating all kinds of mums, mother-figures and motherhood.

Mother’s Day can be a challenging time for some. If you have a difficult or no relationship with your mother or child, experienced pregnancy struggles and loss, are coping with grief or dealing with separation, this day can be distressing.

Mother’s Day may not be so joyful for all people in our society. We would like to acknowledge these challenges. Please reach out for support. We’re here for you.

Mothers and important women in our lives come in all forms. Memories of motherhood or our mother and mother figures are often close to our heart. We have gathered a set of mums and their kids to talk about their experiences. The joys, tears, surprises and challenges of that special relationship.

Today we celebrate every mum!


Celebrating all kinds of mums from Relationships Australia SA on Vimeo.



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