Relationships Australia NT is pleased to announce the launch of Relationship Indicators 2022, today, 15 November 2022.

After an 11-year hiatus, Relationship Indicators returns. New findings capture Australia continuing to struggle in the wake of the pandemic, economic pressures, and a series of natural disasters across the country.

Speaking about the launch of the report today, Mr Nick Tebbey, National Executive Officer of Relationships Australia noted that “The survey results indicate that external pressures place a significant burden on our relationships”. For example:

  • A quarter (25.8%) of Australians cited work or study commitments as a pressure affecting their most important relationship
  • One in five (20%) Australians cited money problems as a relationship pressure affecting this relationship
  • 17.8% said the impact of the pandemic affected them
  • 22.1% said mental health was a challenge in their relationship

Despite this, the findings also reveal that relationships have a significant protective effect. “Those with a strong and reliable relationship had reduced levels of loneliness, better mental health and greater well-being.”  The report makes a strong case for the role relationships play in supporting resilience and well-being in the face of uncertainty and external pressures.

“Findings demonstrate that respectful relationships can prevent loneliness and mental ill-health. However, relationships are challenged by internal and external pressures and an inability or unwillingness to seek help when issues arise” Mr Tebbey said.

The lack of help-seeking was also a concern. “The report shows that 46.2% manage their relationship issues on their own. We must encourage people to seek help for a variety of relationship issues and equip all Australians to support one another through their relationship struggles.” Mr Tebbey said. 

The Relationship Indicators project is a nationally representative survey into the state of relationships in Australia which was conducted by Relationships Australia nationally in 2022. The findings from this survey inform our efforts to support all Australians to achieve positive and respectful relationships. The full results can be accessed here

Relationships Australia believes that this report has demonstrated the integral role relationships play in our health, well-being and happiness.  The survey reveals the significant need to support people across the country to maintain healthy and respectful relationships, particularly in light of the many, often concurrent, pressures that people in Australia currently face.

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