Healing our Children (HOC) is a free early intervention and prevention program operating in the Top End of the Northern Territory. Working with women who are pregnant or have young children in their care that may be exposed Domestic Violence, delivered by Aboriginal Women for Aboriginal Women.

HOC aims to reduce and prevent the cycle of trauma affecting children’s development as a result of early exposure to domestic and family violence. By share information with strong Aboriginal women in the community to minimize and prevent Domestic and Family Violence form occurring and provide opportunity to discuss how Domestic and Family Violence effects our children's Brain development from Pregnancy until they become adults in a safe non-blaming environment.

Healing Our Children Program was developed  because Tiwi and NE Arnhem Land Elders were concerned about their Grandchildren. These concerns were about kids seeing and experiencing Domestic and Family Violence, Alcohol and drug misuse in their family, Intergenerational and Personal grief, Loss of loved ones, Child abuse or Neglect and other Traumatic events.


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