We provide free support for people considering an application to the National Redress Scheme. We can help before, during or after an application has been made. This includes:

  • information about the National Redress Scheme,
  • help to complete an application,
  • confidential counselling (in person or over the phone).

About the National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme provides acknowledgment and support to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. Redress is an alternative to seeking compensation through the courts. The National Redress Scheme is in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The Royal Commission listened to thousands of people about the abuse they experienced as children.

Who can apply?

People who experienced sexual abuse when they were a child (under 18 years of age) and the abuse happened before 1 July 2018.  They also need to meet the following criteria:

  • An institution was responsible for bringing the applicant into contact with the person who abused them.
  • The applicant must be born before 30 June 2010 and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Institutions can include:

  • orphanages,
  • missions,
  • children’s homes,
  • schools,
  • churches and other religious organisations,
  • sports clubs,
  • hospitals,
  • foster care and,
  • other institutions.


Our counselling and support services are confidential. This means that everything you discuss with the counsellor is private. A counsellor may have to report something that threatens your safety or the safety of others.

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