People have to deal with change and transition regularly throughout their lives. Different people can have different feelings about change and deal with it in very different ways.


For some people, change can be very scary and unsettling or associated with grief and loss. Other people may find change exciting, and may even look forward to changing.


People have to manage both every day expected changes, such as children growing up and starting school, as well as more significant, unexpected life changes, like separation or the loss of a family member.


People who have experienced difficult life changes in their past can find that this affects how they deal with future changes. It’s important to seek help early so that when change comes up again, you’re best prepared to deal with it.


Keep these things in mind

When you’re managing change, there are a few things you should think about.

  • Consider how you feel about the change. Do you feel anxiety, joy, fear, grief or excitement? 
  • Think about your outlook. Are you optimistic and do you have an open mind about what’s happening? 
  • Consider the actions you’re taking. Are you avoiding the change or procrastinating? Are you getting help to manage the change? Or are you embracing the change and putting plans into practice? 


How to cope with change

If you’re finding it hard to manage or plan for change, there are a few things you can do to try to help.

  • Start making plans. Break up the change into smaller, more manageable steps that are more easily achieved.
  • Although it sometimes feels like the easier option, don’t avoid change entirely. 
  • Recognise that change takes time, so be patient with yourself and give yourself time to adjust. 
  • If you’re finding it hard to adjust to the change, consider going and talking to someone about how you’re feeling, and what might help. This could be a close friend or family member, or a professional trained to help you. 

Seek Support

Counselling is an opportunity to speak with a professionally trained counsellor to identify, understand and gain new perspectives on issues that are causing concern.

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This article was sourced from Relationships Australia Victoria.
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