Advice for Separated Parents During the Pandemic

For separated parents, COVID-19 can present unexpected challenges. Our experienced mediators can assist parents to resolve conflicts around parenting arrangements and/or to negotiate property agreements. Assistance can also be provided to grandparents and carers.

Some information about family dispute resolution (mediation) is available here. In Alice Springs, separated parents can also access our Post Separation Co-operative Parenting program.

Be Compliant with Court Orders and Agreements

You still have to meet the terms of court orders and parenting agreements during COVID-19, unless you have a good reason not to or you both agree on other arrangements.

School closures, travel restrictions, or quarantine rules may mean you’re unable to follow some aspects of your court orders. If this is the case, you’ll need to give your co-parent plenty of notice and work together to come up with a solution that suits everyone.

For example, if you’d normally do changeovers at a café, play centre, or shopping centre that’s now closed due to COVID-19, try to agree on a different changeover location.

Be sure to get any changes to your custody agreement in writing – even if it’s just through text message. Keeping a clear record of changes will help everyone, including the Court, to understand what agreements were reached.

The Family Court of Australia has published an FAQs page with more helpful information on co-parenting and family law.


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