Self-care When Working from Home

It’s during these times of change and transition that self-care can easily and quickly fall into the background.

The more you learn about self-care and how vital it is, the more you’ll make it a priority in my life, no matter what’s happening. Here’s how you can practice self-care during the changes happening in your life due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Ask yourself:

1. What am I grateful for today?

2. Who am I checking in on or connecting within my team today?

3. What expectations of “normal” am I letting go of today?

4. How am I getting outside today?

5. How am I moving my body today?

6. What beauty am I either creating, cultivating or inviting today?

We’re here to help you during these times, counselling is an opportunity to speak with a professionally trained counsellor to identify, understand and gain new perspectives on issues that are causing concern.

Book into Individual Counselling online or over the phone.

Inspired by The Greater Good Berkley EDU
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