Mental Health and Well-being during Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is impacting us all in varying ways across the world. It’s understandable that we may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed.

While it’s important to stay informed. Here are some mental health tips for looking after yourself and each other.


  • Limit your exposure to media coverage as watching too much can cause us to worry even more. Be mindful of where you are getting your information from.


  • Show Kindness and Compassion to ourselves and to our community. It could be as simple as checking in on your neighbour or someone who lives alone. Sharing your toilet paper with someone you know has none. Even though we may be scared, we do not have to be scary.


  • Be pro-active in managing your own well-being. Maintain your routines as much as possible. Connect with family and friends, even if it’s not in person. Stay physically active. Eat as well as you can, have good sleep hygiene and don’t forget to breathe in… breathe out… and let your whole body relax.


  • Seeing the good can be hard to do when there is so much change going on. Take the time to think about or write down.

One thing I appreciate about my day…

One thing I liked about my day…

One thing I loved about my day…


More Support

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by the current situation and would like some support, our counsellors are here for you. We’re committed to supporting people throughout the coronavirus situation.

We’re continuing to deliver services via phone and video-conferencing.
For more information visit Individual CounsellingRelationship Counselling and Children and Family Counselling.

Sources of information

Australian Department of Health

World Health Organisation


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