Sharing Your Story With The Disability Royal Commission

Sharing Your Story With The Disability Royal Commission

You can share your experiences of violence, neglect, abuse or exploitation with the Royal Commission. This helps the commission learn more about the problem and how they can help prevent it in the future.

You can share your experiences by making a submission or applying for a private session with a Commissioner.

Hearing from people with disability, families, support people, organisations and the broader community helps the Royal Commission understand the extent and the impact of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation against people with disability. This will help them to make recommendations to prevent it from happening again.

Sharing your experiences will help the Commissioners to:

  • understand the extent of the problem
  • learn more about the contexts in which abuse is more likely to occur
  • understand the impacts on people with disability, their families, support people and our community
  • gather information relevant to our investigations and research program.

The Royal Commission cannot decide or resolve individual cases or award compensation.

Ways to share your experience

You can share your experience with the Disability Royal Commission:

  • in writing, over the phone, in a video or audio recording by making a submission
  • in a private session with a Commissioner
  • in your preferred language – including Indigenous languages and Auslan. Interpreters and translators will be provided.

Support for making a submission

Coming forward to share your experience is a big step. Relationships Australia NT can provide free counselling and support for people impacted by the Royal Commission, including people with a disability, their families, carers or support workers.

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