Do you have the Territory’s best neighbour?

Do you have the Territory’s best neighbour?

As a part of Neighbour Day 2020, we’re looking for great neighbour stories.

It could be a small (or big!) action that made a positive difference to a neighbour or neighbours through improved social connection. It may be something you did or that your neighbours did, which created a meaningful connection. Or perhaps it was something you did together that managed to drive a dent in loneliness in your community. Or someone may have reached out to you to offer support or friendship. We’d love for you to tell us your story!

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Prizes include:

  • $100 gift voucher for the winning entry from each state and territory
  • $300 gift voucher for the overall National winner

2019 Winner  – Belinda

Keeping an eye – and ear – out for the neighbours
“Michelle next door is the best. I don’t want my neighbour to be my best friend but it’s nice to know that your neighbour will look out for you. And me for her. In Darwin, with open louvers we live close and share every aspect of our lives. Noise travels up and down the street. Being a good neighbour in Darwin means knowing when to intervene and when not to. Everyday getting the kids to school, discussion, couples disagreements or football match gatherings can be heard in our street. You learn to listen for the unusual, when things don’t seem right. Michelle heard lots of smashing one day and called over the fence, what’s going on in there!! It’s okay Michelle I called back, I’ve started mosaics. Oh! Michelle answered and continued gardening. In Darwin, we are all Michelle’s, keeping an eye out for each other. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”