Holding Children Together

Holding Children Together is a specialist counselling service for vulnerable children aged five to twelve years who have experienced interpersonal trauma, with a particular focus on Aboriginal children living in the Northern Territory. The Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) acts as a consultant for this program and provide Training, Supervision and Support.

The program utilises a “Care Team” model to work with carers, parents and other services which provides coordination of service delivery to address the identified needs of the child.

The project consists of the following key elements:

  • Counsellors at RANT provide direct therapeutic services to children.
  • Aboriginal Family Support worker facilitate engagement with the children and their families
  • Care Teams, comprising of carers, parents, schools and other services both NGO and Government Departments, meet on a regular basis to coordinate service delivery and support the child’s recovery.

What is the referral criteria for the Children’s Counselling Service?

The Holding Children Together counselling service accepts referrals for children living in the Northern Territory between the ages of 5-12 years, who have been affected by interpersonal trauma. The mobility of children accepted into the service will need to be assessed as viable and matched to their ability to use the service.

All children accepted into the service will be from families who already have a positive and meaningful engagement with at least one service provider.

The degree of trauma and stress experienced by children accepted into the service will be assessed as high on the basis that:

  • They have been exposed to interpersonal trauma for a prolonged period.
  • They engage in a significant level of trauma-based behaviour e.g. aggression, self-harming, difficulties with arousal, regulation, impoverished memory systems, problems with peer relationships, highly anxious or frightened, disrupted educational engagement or marked changed in behaviour.
  • Their network of relationships in disrupted and unpredictable.

How are referrals made to the Service?

You can make referrals to service by contacting the RANT Holding Children Together Counselling Team by phone on
(08) 8950 4100. Or, via email to hct@ra-nt.org.au

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