Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is an opportunity to deal with a range of disputes that happen in the workplace, in a respectful and positive way.

This happens through a supported conversation with a skilled mediator. We explore the background to disputes, impacts on parties and their desired outcomes. Individuals can also be supported through conflict coaching and counselling. Agreements in mediation can be informal or be made into a formalised written document.

Good outcomes in mediation result in increased harmony, as well as improved productivity and company profits.

Mediation Steps

  • Conversation with HR manager/employees
  • Brief and confidential discussion between the employees and mediator
  • Explores background to dispute, impact on parties and desired outcomes
  • Individual support can be provided through conflict coaching/counselling as required
  • A joint mediation is organised where parties are supported to have a structured conversation aimed at resolving the dispute
  • Issues are discussed, an agenda identified and options to move forward are generated
  • Private sessions can occur
  • Agreements generated can be informal or formalised in written form
  • Follow up support, conflict coaching, counselling can be organised

We can help people who are having disputes in their workplace.

Our fees are affordable and vary according to the matter. Contact your nearest Relationships Australia NT office for more information about fees for workplace mediation.

Face-to-face sessions are available in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs.

Phone or video sessions are available for people all over the Territory.

A stressed-out woman is chatting with her mental health counselor. She is explaining her problems. She is staying positive with a smile.

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