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Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution, otherwise known as mediation, is a process to help separated and divorced parents reach agreed arrangements for the care of their children.

It offers parents, and other family members, the opportunity to discuss co-parenting arrangements in a safe environment.  Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners help parents and/or carers to have a respectful conversation that focuses on what the children need.

Aren’t things like this settled in court?

This is an alternative to going to court and can save parents a considerable amount of money, time and emotional stress.

Also, going to court may mean decisions about your children are made by a judge, whether you like it or not. Engaging in family dispute resolution gives parents the opportunity to be heard and to shape what they want their children’s care arrangements to look like.

Are children involved?

As part of the Family Dispute Resolution process parents can be offered Child Inclusive Practice or a Child Focused Session.  Both of these processes provide the opportunity for parents to think about and have conversations regarding their children’s needs.

What about the house?

Separated couples can also mediate in regard to financial and property issues. You do not need to have mediated around children to access this service.

Who can we help?

This service is for individuals, couples and families who are separating.

Is there a cost involved?

Our fees are affordable and vary according to your income. When you call to make an appointment, our intake officers will discuss fees with you.

Where can I access this service?

You can access Family Dispute Resolution in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs.

Click here to find your closest Relationships Australia office.

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