Emergency Relief for Migrants, Refugees and Visa Holders

We’re providing a new phone and video call support service for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) community.

Support is for people who are experiencing individual emotional challenges related to personal situations, couple or family relationship difficulties and also may have impacted by COVID-19. The short sessions provide relevant information, engagement, a brief exploration of issues and priorities.

Migrants, refugees, and visa holders aged 18+ who are having personal, couple, family and parenting issues.

This is a free service

This service can be accessed through phone and video calls only.

Portrait of grandmother and granddaughter embracing in the beach

Children and Family Counselling

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Foreground shows couple in discussion while background shows counselor listening to them. Counselor is standing next to a whiteboard with writing on it. Purpose of image is to show a couple in controlled, mediated discussion.

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