Family and Separation

Our Family and Separation services assist couples and families to resolve parenting and property disputes following separation.

Family Relationship Centre

Family Relationship Centres are an Australian Government initiative and can be found all over Australia. In the Northern Territory, Relationships Australia provides the Family Relationship Centre Services.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Family dispute resolution, otherwise known as mediation, is a process to help separated parents reach agreed arrangements for the care of their children.

Child Inclusive Practice and Child Focussed Sessions

When parents are in Family Dispute Resolution (mediation), research shows that talking about what’s best for the children helps to create good outcomes.  As part of the Family Dispute Resolution process parents can be offered Child Inclusive Practice or a Child Focused Session.

Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program (Alice Springs)

Post Separation Cooperative Parenting services help parents to move forward, and to focus on a better and bright future for themselves and their children.

Family Law Pathways Network  (Alice Springs)

We coordinate the Family Law Pathways Network (FLPN), which is an initiative of the Attorney-General’s Department. It was established to support service providers and professionals who work with separating and separated families, this could include, but is not limited to; counsellors, FDRPs or lawyers.

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